Tantric Massage London Angels – The Supreme Erotic Encounter

Tantric Massage London Angels erotic therapy is an experience of supreme levels of sexuality, sensual sophistication and finesse. Legendary, word of mouth recommended service of Angels massages is now proudly offered for London citizens and its guests. Angels massages offers bespoke, high class visiting erotic massage service that is highly professional from the beginning to an end. Only the most beautiful ladies, which we’ve been searching for worldwide, are featured in our galleries. Natural charms and graces of these young beauties are truly irresistible, and their professional skills are impressive.

We offer you only the best of tantric massage – from organizational routine to the massage quality we are the experts that are hard to beat. Tantra is an art and the science, yet we can manage to excel in both of these dimensions, having combined the ancient tradition with modern knowledge and the demands of the present times.


Visiting Massage Service – Designed For Your Ultimate Convenience

Our specialization is a visiting massage London service and our gorgeous erotic massage therapists will visit you in your hotel or home. Visiting massage is the most convenient form of the massage service, as you can relax deeply and truly let go in the comfort of your own bedroom, not having to interrupt the glorious sensations of delicious relaxation and sensory delight by going out to the streets of London right after the end of your erotic massage session.

We are open from 10 o’clock in the morning to 2 o’clock in the night, every day. You only need to give us 1 hour’s notice – we aim to send you a masseuse as soon as possible, so you do not have to wait for too long. The anticipation of great tantric massage session can be delicious in its erotic excitement, but it does not have to be long and annoying. Our professional and well-trained sensual massage London therapists are very punctual and will not cause you inconvenience by being late.


Sensual Massage London Treats – Erotic Therapy For Holistic Healing And De-Stress

Tantric massage is not a mere sophisticated erotic play. There is so much more to it! The sexual energy that is stimulated and worked with during the sensual massage session can help you to heal the emotional traumas, eliminate stress and tension or even heal some physical illness. It can also serve as a source of inspiration, creativity and personal breakthrough s – in fact, there is nothing impossible to it, as in Tantra it is believed to be the foundational force of the Universe, its core energy and power. Of course, to reach such profound effects, serious practice is usually required, yet oftentimes the major advance on Tantric path can happen spontaneously and unexpectedly (you can learn more about London Tantra here). This energy, called Shakti-Kundalini, dwells in each and every human being and only waits to be awakened to grant the practitioner its supreme and abundant gifts. However, it’s a very delicate matter and you should only trust a professional tantric therapist to work with it. Tantric massage utilizes various techniques from different massage modalities as well as elements from complementary disciplines of yoga, bioenergetics, and sexual therapy.


Orgasmic Massage Adventure – Happy Ending Lingam And Prostate Massage

One of the features of tantra massage that makes it really stand out among the other types of massages is its explicit erotic tint. Naked masseuse performs those teasing and provoking motions, using her hands and the whole body, not being ashamed to touch you in the most intimate places, the parts of your body that give the maximum pleasure and erotic response. Unrestricted in her techniques, which include body to body massage, the Goddess of tantra massage will be arousing you by all sophisticated tantric means, her skills being perfected and polished during the extensive training and devoted practice. Deliberately raising your sexual response by gently stroking and caressing your body, she will then get to the culminate point of tantra massage – the massage of your sex organ, which is called lingam in tantra.

Lingam massage is done by hand and we’d like to emphasize that it’s strictly massage indeed – no oral sex or penetrative sex is ever allowed within the tantra massage session, for an extra payment or without such. However the techniques of lingam massage are very refined and special – if you think of it as your average hand job, it isn’t so! Special motions of your beautiful tantric massage London therapist’s hands will touch you precisely in those spots which give the heightened erotic response and guide you towards the bright orgasmic release. It is for this part that sensual massage is called a happy ending massage. Orgasmic massage means, as you might already know or guessed, not just a simple erotic massage, but tantra massage with lingam massage at the end of the session.

And, if you wish to go even further, you might want to order a prostate massage as well! Prostate massage is very good for men’s health, it helps to boost your virility and prevent possible health issues. It is especially recommended for men after 40 to extend the prime of their life, but of course each and every man of any age will benefit enormously from it. Do you know many treatments which are as beneficial as pleasant? Prostate massage is unique in this regard, combining solid therapeutic effects with enormous, overwhelming erotic sensations.

Moreover, in tantra the prostate is regarded as a sacred spot of a man, the stimulation of which can not only give exceedingly pleasurable sensations, but even transport a person out and beyond his limitations, fears and core assumptions into the realm of serene repose, supreme love and deep peace.

The equivalent of lingam massage for ladies is Yoni massage. This option can be arranged within couples massage session, for him and her.


Tantra Massage For Men And Couples

We offer tantra massage London services for men and couples. Whether you are feeling lonely and fancy a bit of erotic entertainment, you would like to add a spark to the relationship with your partner, tantric massage is a great solution. Couples massage can help establish a deeper bond between you two, enabling you to discover the otherwise unknown facets of male and female sexuality. Tantra helps to open up to the erotic sensations and the realm of sensuality, thus helping you to have better sex life and achieve greater sexual fulfilment. Whether you are a man, woman or a couple, tantra has something special for you in its wide array of sex oriented tools and techniques.

Dare to expand personal horizons and to try the best London can offer – book erotic massage session today!

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